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Our mission is to find problems that would substantially affect the value, habitability, or safety in a residential or commercial building.

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Welcome to Master Building Inspections

Our mission is to find problems that would substantially affect the value, habitability, or safety in a residential or commercial building.  
MBI Home Inspections provides our client with an itemized inspection report containing any deficiencies and safety hazards pertaining to all the main components of a building. The main purpose is to educate our clients on their home or building and help them become familiar with what they are having inspected.
MBI reduces risk for buyers of homes and commercial buildings, inspecting the major components and systems from the foundation to the roof. 
Reasons to Choose Us

Why choose Master Building Inspections?

Whether buying or selling a property, the amount of information you have on its condition will determine the financial effect the transaction will have on your pocket. You simply can’t go wrong with trusted, reputable, and certified specialists, accredited by the American Society of Home Inspectors. 

A Family-owned business that knows how important each transaction is for you and that takes each inspection with serious consideration examining the entire property and its systems. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time homeowner or if you are an experienced investor, MBI knows each transaction matters. 

Licensed Home Inspector In NJ

Work with Certified Commercial and Home Inspectors in Flemington, NJ

Building inspections are required when buying a new property or after extensive renovations to ensure the structure is safe. Getting the best home inspection services in New Jersey is essential to ensure the home you’re ready to buy is in good condition and safe. Our commercial and home inspection company is available to provide a comprehensive inspection report that details every issue and allows you to make an informed decision.

Why Choose Us?

Whether buying or selling, a home inspection is critical. You need the best home inspectors in Flemington, NJ, to ensure accurate results. Sellers should complete an inspection with home inspectors to list all potential problems for complete transparency. Buyers will need to hire home inspectors to inspect before sealing the deal. Certified home inspectors protect everyone in the transaction, providing critical transparency that helps buyers decide how much to offer and whether to request repairs before agreeing to the sale.

We Inspect Everything

Whether you hire us for a commercial building inspection or a home inspection in Flemington, New Jersey, our inspectors are ready to tackle the job. We inspect every aspect of the structure, from the basement to the rooftop in accordance with the NJ Standards of Practice set forth by the NJ division of consumer affairs. Our home inspectors have years of experience in the field and undergo ongoing training to ensure they stay on top of the latest building codes and regulations. You can rest assured that you will have an accurate report on a building’s condition before proceeding.

Experienced employees

We do the Best for our Customers!

Master Building Inspections employees have a background that makes them ideal for the job; with years of experience in building, home improvement and maintenance, they know exactly what to look for and how to find it. 

It’s the constant pursuit for continued education that makes them the best in the business as they are current with the most up to date software and tools. MBI will invest their expertise to provide you with a detailed report that will guide you to making an informed decision for a very important transaction.

Our Services

What will be inspected?

The following are inspected. The conditions are documented and summarized as follows:

Expert Home Inspection In NJ
How it works.

what to expect

Just scheduled your inspection? What is next?

The client will receive an email from notifying the client inspections have been scheduled. This email contains instructions to gain access to pre-inspection agreements.  The same way the agreements are accessed, is the same for the reports. 

Inspection Day. 

The inspector will begin the inspection upon arrival if agreement documents are signed. The inspection will take around 45 minute per 1000 square feet. The inspector will perform all tests and services. The client is welcome to walk with the inspector or relax and plan their future. 

The end of the inspection the inspector will summarize the home’s major components and any areas of concern to the clients.  

Payment is taken after the inspection has been performed and before reports and/or results are released. 

We accept most forms of payment and prefer checks payable to MBI or Zelle to 

Credit Card processing may have fees. 

Reports usually ready the next day. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with a concise inspection report so they can easily understand the conditions of the home and what is recommended based on the conditions.

MBI is ultimately obligated to the home or building. A report will include everything from recommended improvements to the significantly deficient. Our reports are clear and easy to read. It will be apparent the implications of the conditions or problems that may be present at the time of inspection, if not addressed.

Why Hire Us

Why hire us for your home inspection?

Years of knowledge and experience in building, home improvements, and maintenance plus continuous education has made our company among the best in the business. We use the most up-to-date software and tools to ensure we provide a thorough and easy to read inspection report.